Virgin Red App Top tips

It’s very easy to get additional points and open up more vaults in the Virgin Red App simply by following some of these top tips.

Firstly if you have just started you can use my code 1KSKVA to get 50 free points although thats a one off and you’ll need to read on to get tips you can use each month.

Email yourself

When you complete a step such as this or that or finish a quiz you can click the share icon top right and send an email which will get you another 25 points. You can do this five times during each month. A great way to get the full 125 points from this is to share five of the Verified member exclusive offers as you can complete this on day one and won’t forget to get the full five uses. I just email myself and then delete the emails.

Sign up to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

It is free to join the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club and this will give you 250 points free each month.

Simply join here and enter your membership number into the Virgin Red App

Add a new profile picture

You can do this once per month and I simply scroll through the pictures on my phone and put up something pretty inoffensive and non personal. Completing this each month will give you 50 points.

Buy a cheap Virgin Rail Ticket

If you have purchased a rail ticket on in the last 12 months then you can enter your email address the app and get 250 points each month. If your not a train user you can simply purchase a ticket. A Childs ticket from Birmingham to Coventry was £1.90 when I’ve looked. That will give you 3000 extra points over 12 months and potentiually increase your vauls and chances of getting to the exclusive VIP vault.

Join Virgin Active

Virgin Active members can add their member ID and password to bag 250 points each month.

To find a club near you and get information on pricing visit

Add your Virgin Money Credit Card details (or grab one)

You don’t have to put the full card number in, just the last four digits, your date of birth, name and postcode and Virgin will verify this and you’ll get 250 points added each month

For information on Virgin Money Credit Cards please visit:

Get your TV or Mobile through Virgin Media or add your account

You’ll be able to get 250 Virgin Red points each month by verifying your existing Virgin Media account in the Virgin Red app. You’ll need to be either a Virgin TV, Virgin Phone, Virgin Broadband or Virgin Mobile customer to be able to do this.

5GB Sim only with 2500 minutes and unlimited texts can be had today (23/2/19) for just £9 a month here:

Great value TV and Broadband bundles can be purchased here: